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Words & Le Bon Mot

Arles, France
Munois, Burgundy France

histoire [istwar] : history or story

Cette petite histoire a voyagé à travers notre histoire 
This little story travelled throughout our history


The Wedding Gown | La Robe de Mariée


In light of wedding season and a childhood friend of mine recently getting engaged* (with questions about rings and styles), I looked back at these wedding photos from a few years back...

On her wedding day, this bride looked radiant, and I thought her luminescent pearl gown was so pretty and feminine. It matched her personality and taste well - simple and classic with flourishes that added an elegant detail. I later found out the bride had chosen this dress early on in the wedding process, but later had regrets, reconsidered and chose another only to later come back to this dress. Oh the doubts and indecision! We sometimes need to learn to better trust our initial feelings.

* [ Congratulations Al! I hope this helps in some way when making the multitude of wedding decisions you'll be facing... your first choice may be the best one!]

Photographie Inspiration: Mister Hoveeto


Being able to capture the beauty of a beautiful city is one thing,... but what Paris street photographer Mister Hoveeto succeeds in doing in his hometown (and other major cities) is spotlight delicate cracks within the everyday allure, draw light from a city's shadows and humanize the cold urban landscape. The streets for him are "the arena where the theatre of life is played out naturally", and there is where he can emphasize the loneliness of a large metropolis.

About his process, Hoveeto recalls the words of the late great André Kertész, "I interpret what I feel at any given moment, not what I see."

Project 52: Quiet Reminders...


To see a world in a grain of sand 
And a heaven in a wild flower, 
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, 
And eternity in an hour...
[William Blake, Auguries of Innocence]


On sunny days it's easier to see,... but even within the limits and demands of brittle noisy days, amid the clamor and clutter, the magic is there. All around us, always around us, in all ways around us. A poetry of harmonious symmetry and pure perfection. It gives everything and demands nothing in return... except every now and again, like a subtle rainfall, it reminds us to stop and take notice...

A Sweet Crumbly Treat: Polvorone


Growing up in a Filipino household, Polvorone was one of my favorite treats. It is a crumbly powdered milk candy made with toasted flour, sugar, butter and powdered milk. In taste and texture, it resembles English shortbread and is akin to France's madeleine for its sweet evocation of youth...

Polvorone made its way to the Philippines by way of the Spanish colonists, and it remains there today in variations that include pinipig (toasted pounded rice), nuts, cocoa powder and chocolate. I remember making classic polvorone with my mom using a small oval shaped mold to shape each piece... it was time consuming but well worth it. You can find countless recipes for polvorone online; one day I'd love to make a chocolate version for my boys.

The polvorones in the photos were sent to me by an old dear friend who bought them from one of the most popular and well respected Filipino bakeries, Goldilocks.

Light + Shadows | Lumière + Ombres

Light and shadows
Light and shadows
Light and shadows

To contemplate is to look at shadows - Victor Hugo


Trois {3} on Thursday


a mélange of finds + favorites:
  1. Fouta (Turkish bath towels) - love their softness and versatility. They can be used as a beach/bath towel, wrap, scarf, shawl, or blanket. I picked up a couple in Southern France last summer.
  2. Maison Couterier - would love to stay here one day. Maison Couterier is a nine-room guesthouse (once an old estate) in Mexico built by French immigrants in the 19th century and is surrounded by banana and lemon trees.
  3. Blueberry Charlotte + fromage blanc - a classic French dessert... and one of my husband's favorites. His aunt (who makes a delectable charlotte with strawberries) gave me a mold so I could make it, but I haven't had the courage to try!

photo credits: CottonCocoon, Hotel Habita, Valérie Lhomme

Words & Le Bon Mot


une balade [bah-lahd] nf : a walk, a stroll, a jaunt

Faisons une balade au bord de l'océan | Let's take a stroll along the ocean


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