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Visiting Summer in Paris...

Paris Seine River
Paris Spring flowers
Paris Seine River

The official start of summer break for the boys is in a few days, and they're doubly excited this year because they get to mark it with the arrival of their beloved uncle and aunt from the States! It is also the first of hopefully many family visits from across the big blue ocean.

We plan to share with them a more intimate Paris, the more familial city that is for now our new home. The one that includes regular runs to the boulanger and fromager, leisurely walks along the Seine, stops at our favorite neighborhood cafés, and maybe even a picnic or two.

We'll also be heading out to the Loire Valley and the Champagne region as well. If you'd like to come along, I'll be posting on Instagram @catherine_goron :) a bientot!

Paris St. Regis


Decisions | Paris & Peonies

Peony in black and white
Pink and white peonies

The beginning of summer in Paris can sometimes be tricky I've discovered, not only because of constantly varying weather conditions, but also because you may just find yourself at an open market with just a single 10 Euro bill in your pocket and have to decide between a carton of succulent strawberries or a handful of the prettiest peonies... one feeds the stomach, the other feeds the heart and soul...


Details | Blue & Green

Paris blue door
Paris lamppost


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