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The End of Summer | Fin d'été


The summer's end always fills me with a sweeping nostalgia. It comes around every year, and every year I'm shocked by how quickly it comes around…

Capture the Color | Capturer La Couleur

Color always plays a prominent role in photographs - I love that for a moment you're swept away to linger in the story in which it plays. When fellow blogger Oui in France told me know about (and nominated me to participate in) Travel Supermarket's Capture the Color contest, it was timely and a simple decision. Actually anyone can take part, you simply have to create a blog post with 5 photographs featuring each of the following colors: Yellow, White, Red, Blue and Green. The contest includes prizes so do join in!

YELLOW: Valbonne, France
The first thing I noticed when walking through the small Provençal village of Valbonne are the regional colors that drape the aging buildings. They are a mouth-watering array of warm gelato colors that draw you into its flag-strewn streets. This golden yellow wall was particularly beautiful as a canvas for late afternoon shadows. 

RED: Arles, France
Walking towards Place de la République in Arles, this shiny red Vespa stood elegantly amidst the centuries old stone streets and buildings. In the city Van Gogh once called home, it becomes evident how he was inspired to paint more than 200 of his great works.

WHITE: Valbonne, France
Nougat, the chewy sweet specialty originally from Montelimar, is traditonally made with honey, almonds and pistachio nuts and a staple in almost every market in Southern France. Vendors now make it with a wide array of fruit and nut combinations and will try and sell it to you based on the richness of its flavors and the freshness of its ingredients. It is an easy sell, delightfully sheathed in a pretty soft white and absolutely delicious!

BLUE: Cannes, France
Walking along Cannes' waterfront promenade, I was stopped by this woman's fancy sunhat and noticed how her breezy nonchalent style was perfectly paired with the bold electric blue chairs - a fitting (nontraditional) shot of the Riviera, non?

GREEN: Châtillon-Coligny, France
This photo was taken during an afternoon stroll in Châtillon-Coligny. To illustrate his knowledge of the region's terroir, my father-in-law pulled out his hunting knife and cut open an unassuming green fruit from a nearby tree to reveal its humble but alluring contents: a hazelnut.

Part of Capture the Color's contest requirements is to nominate 5 other bloggers. These ladies are fabulous bloggers/photographers, hope they participate! Thanks again to Diane from Oui in France...

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A Local Tip: Théoule-sur-Mer


Before leaving Provence on my last visit to the Pays de la Lavande and olive groves, my family decided to act on the recommendation from a local acquaintance. He suggested we visit Théoule-sur-Mer, a small village with nice beaches and especially a smaller one, more intimate and quiet, sandy and only accessible by foot - a little alcove away from the more touristic destinations of the Côte d'Azur. Théoule-sur-Mer is located in the Bay of Cannes with views of the legendary city known for its annual film festival.  Our resident local mentioned the little restaurants that sit 10 meters from the sparkling azure water.

We arrived mid-morning and found a space where the body sinks comfortably into the landscape. We swam, lounged and had lunch watching the kids play in the sand. We didn't have to venture far off the busy life of La Riviera yet felt so far away. Perfect.

So when you find yourself seeking a more intimate yet accessible corner of the Mediterranean Sea, Théoule-sur-Mer is un arrêt sableu qui en vaut le coup, a sandy alcove worthy of a stop...

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