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Photographie Inspiration: Mister Hoveeto


Being able to capture the beauty of a beautiful city is one thing,... but what Paris street photographer Mister Hoveeto succeeds in doing in his hometown (and other major cities) is spotlight delicate cracks within the everyday allure, draw light from a city's shadows and humanize the cold urban landscape. The streets for him are "the arena where the theatre of life is played out naturally", and there is where he can emphasize the loneliness of a large metropolis.

About his process, Hoveeto recalls the words of the late great André Kertész, "I interpret what I feel at any given moment, not what I see."

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  1. How wondrous a sentiment, to photograph what you feel not what you see! And what a marvelous series capturing just that! (I can only aspire to capture a fraction of that skill one of these days:) What a lovely thing to see today, thank you!


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