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Sunday at the Porte de Vanves Flea Market


Of the three largest weekend flea markets that lie on the outer edge of Paris, my family decided to visit the smallest and most manageable of the lot this past Sunday - the Marché aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves in the southwestern part of the 14th arrondissement. It was a sunlit winter morning and a great opportunity for us to be out discovering part of the city we hadn't been to before and as well a family reconnaissance mission to scout out bargain furnishings for our new apartment…

The Vanves outdoor flea market includes around 380 official stalls, has a local feel and appeal and offers a trove of eclectic treasures - vintage and antique collectibles of all varieties. For purveyors and oglers of interesting objects, it is a dream... imagining all the stories and history imbued in each piece.

I ended up buying two small artisanal notebooks for 2 Euros, one for me and one for my older son. The vendor ended up giving us for free an extra carnet and one of the cardboard bobbins (shown above).  I had read how friendly the stallholders were at Vanves and it's true! We will definitely be back...

There's also freshly made crêpes sold at the main intersection, alongside a piano player performing on his old portable wooden instrument. I later found out he, Roland Godard, happens to be somewhat of a celebrity in this city. An added bonus :)

How to get there: 
Bus 58 or 95 toward Porte de Vanves 
Metro Line 13 / Station: Porte de Vanves 

Hours: Saturday & Sundays, 7am-1pm 

The other two big flea markets I hope to share with you soon: 
Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen in the 18eme 
Les Puces de Montreuil in the 20eme



  1. wow. this market looks like fun. i love the kettles so old and colorful.

  2. I love markets! These are beautiful shots. Glad to hear you've found your dream Paris apartment.

  3. Catherine, I got a bit claustrophobic just thinking of these masses of people and things. I do love the photos you shot - such an interesting jumble! The woman studying the African sculpture (?) brings a smile to my face - she's very intent - I wonder if she now has it in her home... So, you've found an apartment?

    1. Thank you Barb, ...the market was crowded at the peak hours of 11-12, then it died down considerably. I wonder the same things too about the people in photographs :) Yes yes! We have finally signed the contract to a lovely apt in the 5th arrondissement and will be moving in this weekend. I hope to have a post on it soon!

  4. Wonderful photos that really give a feel of the market. I would be interested in the plates, but wow how expensive those knives were. I don't think I would be buying anything!

  5. You've combined two of my favorite things here....flea markets AND Paris. Tres magnifique!

  6. My heart is beating SO fast when I opened your post. LOL! I wouldn't be able to contain myself. Thanks for sharing with another Flea Market enthusiast.

  7. Beautiful photos of the market. Some day I hope to get there myself :-)

  8. Absolutely lovely (and hooray for fleamarkets being open Sundays!...they are quite a family-friendly outing:). And so, so sweet about the vendors, I love hearing things like that:)

  9. I'm in love with those tea/coffee pots -- I have a small collection of old granite wear coffee pots but those are amazing!

  10. What a beautiful life Catherine! I love experiencing it through you!

  11. pretty teapots...beautiful market!

  12. Flea markets and thrift stores have become my favorite places to shop for treasures, and even just to look around. Thir market looks wonderful and your shots of both the wares ane the people checking them out were wo derfully vibrant, Catherine. Best of luck in your new place and look forward to seeing it soon.

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