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Food + Wine + Friends


Wine and friends are a great blend - Ernest Hemingway

Having married into the French culture and its strict rules of formal dining, I was thrilled to find that on occasion, they enjoy an informal unfussy dining style called apéritif dînatoire. This is when snacks or finger food traditionally served during pre-dinner drinks (apéritif) become more substantial and turn the event into a light dinner. No rules, no formality, no fuss. Just a gathering of friends around good food and drinks...


  1. Catherine, ces photos sont délicieuses! As-tu déjà goûté le Beaujolais Nouveau? Cin cin!

    1. Merci Melinda!… mon mari n'est pas un grand adepte du Beaujolais Nouveau, donc cela fait longtemps que nous n'en avons pas bu. Mais c'est Vendredi and nous sommes à quelques heures de la cérémonie d'ouverture :)… santé + bon weekend!

  2. Lovely shots...the fire in the background makes it look so inviting too.

  3. This is what I imagine my life looking like in a perfect world! LOL! But seriously, this is beautiful. I love the simple elegance, and would love to sit with stimulating company and conversation.

  4. Perfect. I absolutely love that table. The first and last shots make me want to be there toasting with friends in the firelight

  5. beautiful shots and this is my favorite kind of meal ... wine, cheese, bread, finger foods -- elegant simplicity!

  6. I read Julia Child's My Life in France last month and learned much about those fussy French dining rules! These are cozy shots Catherine. xo

  7. Love this! My best and I do this once a month as a way to catch up without actually doing a formal big dinner. It is so much fun!


  8. Ah, one could get used to this! :) Beautiful warmth in the shots and atmosphere, sometimes simple is the best, yes? (oui, I mean)

  9. I wish I was there. The perfect evening! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. See you on Wednesday ( early hop this week because of the holiday and a big surprise) ♥

  10. Oh, how I adore this post & these photos. Very enjoyable! Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!



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