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Project 52: Warmth


Warmth was the latest Project 52 theme over at My Four Hens, and so I shot this little blanket that kept me and my family warm during the chilly winter. I crocheted it a few years ago as a tutorial to practice the V-stitch. A lazy stitch really, one that allows you to finish a project pretty quickly (since quickly was all the time I had). So it was completed fast and is much smaller than it should be. Not quite the size of a full throw, our feet were always protruding out of it into the cold.

Nevertheless, my boys and I craved its warmth, and I loved that we would try to huddle underneath it together (like elephants cramming into a VW beetle during a snowstorm).

If you're participating in a P365/P52, I'd love to know how it's going...


  1. Snuggling under a homemade blanket has got to be one of life's greatest pleasures. Lovely images. xo

  2. Love this! Love the image and the crochet.

  3. Beautiful captures of this blanket and stitching detail! I love the light throughout, very warming. How snuggly this would make anyone feel on a too-cold day, no matter the size:)

    (BTW, love seeing the chess players in Dupont Circle - such concentration & as you said, bravery to play publicly.)

  4. Oh, the soft tones and fabric, very evocative and could almost - ALMOST - make me long for some additional winter days :) I admire your crocheting skills (and patience - how do you find the time????), bravo!

    1. Aw Daydreamer, you're so very sweet! I crocheted the blanket a few years ago (when I only had one little boy :). These days, I long to crochet but simply just don't have the time (heavy sigh)...

  5. Reminds me of winter. What gorgeous photos you took! I love the crocheted scarf. It's wonderful! The fabric looks soft and warm.....


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