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Photographie Inspiration: Emmanuel Sougez

Still Life, Trois Poires (l); Linge (r)
Clo at the window (l); Printemps (r)

French photographer Emmanuel Sougez's Still Life, Trois Poires (Three Pears) - the photo on the top left - is so captivating in its simplicity; so evocative in its beauty. At once, it looks familiar and brand new as I can't recall ever seeing it before but feeling like I have. Like favorite books, photographs seem to change over time based on our experience and perspective...

Sougez produced a large collection of nudes and Paris street scenes as well, but I can't stop thinking about the three pears...


  1. I feel as if I've seen it before too! Almost like something from an old painting... But they are all so beautiful, dreamlike and yet sharp in the impression left behind. Amazing how old camera and film produce such lasting images - something not easily found in today's "latest" digital cameras! Gorgeous finds, Catherine:)

    1. I rifled in my memory for quite a while trying to remember... I suppose that's what makes the pears (and the other photos) really so alluring - their simplicity and universality. I love the way you put it Lulu - they create "a dreamlike yet sharp impression". I agree film has the wonderful ability to produce just that... makes me want to break out my darkroom supplies :)

  2. Beautiful selection from this photographer, thank you Catherine for sharing it. As usual, you have a keen eye for spotting inspiring sources. Haven't we all, at some point, seen some soft curved fruits on a table? What makes them stand out here, is the very graphic pile of dishes right next to them, don't you think. A striking contrast of lines...

    1. Thank you Daydreamer. You're right, we can all connect and relate to the quiet pose of the ripening pears and the strong stance of the piled dishes. I didn't really "see" the juxtaposition of forms until you pointed it, but that's a beautiful dimension too (the tension created as your eye moves around the image)... it was all about a feeling for me all this time. I so appreciate your very kind comments :)


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