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Famille: The Older Boy...


My 8-year old boy is just like any other young boy I suppose. He asks questions about the mundane, the mysterious, the metaphysical… some of his inquiries match mine, and I tell him that I'm still seeking answers myself. At 8, I don't remember wondering about such heavy subjects, but then again it was so long ago and the only visual I can fully recall is of my beloved third grade teacher Mrs. Lippel and the big brown curls that framed her soft wrinkly face. 

Being 8 is a great age though, the young mind is filled with magical spaces. On our recent trip to France, however, mine spent hours in his imaginings and little magazines, many times curiously more immersed in Pokémon than the surroundings of Paris. Hopefully that will change, real soon…


  1. He sure is a cutie even with nose in comic book while in Paris! He sounds so fun and inquisitive! Great traits!

  2. Look at his intensity you captured with him it my friend.

  3. Aah youth - to be young again and in Paris - wonderful memories in the making!

  4. Aw, what sweet sweet images of a fleeting time! (Love that first one:) He may not appreciate it now, but years from now he'll be glad of the fact he got to spend parts of his childhood in France! I'm willing to bet on it;-)

  5. 8 is a great age -- so inquisitive and energetic. He will remember this trip, even if he's engrossed in a magazine here. By the way, he's adorable!

  6. This is such a great age. I remember everything about the time I was 8. Some of my fondest memories of school, best friends that I am still friends with, and especially during this Christmas season.


  7. Great photos! So precious.



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