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Trois {3} on Thursday


a mélange of finds + favorites to share:
  1. Carrot soup - the weather in the DC region shifted this week to more summer-like temperatures, but my heart remains squarely focused on the Fall and all the goodness associated with it,... like this cozy carrot soup I'd love to make one day.
  2. Mini Brioche rolls - since learning how to make country bread, my husband was wondering if we could add brioche to the mix. Wouldn't these mini brioche rolls go nicely with the carrot soup (though they look good enough to eat as a meal!).
  3. Under This Moon necklace - this delicate lunar necklace is a lovely way to remember what the Moon looked like on your birthday, wedding, graduation or any special date... I'm tinkering with the idea of giving it to an old friend as part of his wedding gift... what do you think?

Trois on Thursday picks are a few personal finds and favorites, and are NOT paid endorsements.
Photo and recipe credits: 1. James Kicinski-Mccoy: Bleubird Vintage 2. Aimee: Twigg Studios 3. Lorena Martinez-Neustadt


  1. The little tops on the Brioche Rolls are them a unique feel. Could you pass one over please?

  2. Yes, the soup and rolls look perfect for me! If you make it, report back!

  3. at first I thought those were popovers!

  4. Loving that moon necklace -- I'm sure your friend would appreciate your thoughtfulness Catherine.

  5. I'm liking all your finds. Fall is the perfect time for soup and brioche. That delicate lunar necklace would be a unique gift.

  6. Ooooh, those brioches ! I have always wanted to bake them, never managed to do it, I find the process a bit daunting... And the moon necklace is a GREAT, poetic gift. Go for it ;-) (And now that you mention it, I am going to put it in my Favorites on Etsy.)

    1. The brioches are so much more challenging than the rustic bread Daydreamer, you're right.... my husband may have to take those on himself ;) But gosh, don't they look SO good! :)

  7. The moon necklace as gift is a wonderful idea! Those brioches also look absolutely heavenly. I am a terrible baker, but goodness, these look worth a try:)


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