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Au Revoir Summer...via Instagram


It feels a bit odd declaring summer's end in mid-August... but many signs around here point to its departure. Yesterday, for the first time all summer (and much of the very hot Spring before that), I opened the balcony doors to the most lovely crisp morning air. I also noticed leaves in the park had already lost their summer-y green color. Stores are depleted of school supplies, and many of you dear friends have children who've already started school!

Has the season shifted where you are?


  1. These are all amazing vignettes of summer. I can definitely feel fall's approach. Going to be a high of 73 today in Atlanta which is unheard of. Usually we are nearing 100 degree temps in mid-August.

  2. You have such an eye for art my friend. truly.

    1. Please know how much that means to me Laurie, thank you my friend - xo

  3. No noooo I don't want it to end


  4. Beautiful photos! And yes, the weather has started shifting enough to know seasons are changing.


  5. I can't believe summer is feeling like a memory! Getting some cool nights too, though students/families with children still seem AWOL at moment:) I love those photos, like reliving summer again...but without the heatwave!:))

  6. Simply Stunning!! Love your photography ;)

  7. It never even reached 70 F today -- and it's actually quite chilly and damp. I'm not ready for Autumn yet! :)

    Stunning collage Catherine.

  8. Thank you very much ladies :) Wishing you all a wonderful weekend...

  9. wow a beautiful summer farewell collage Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

  10. Gorgeous photos, Catherine! It has been a cool summer in the Great Lakes, but lately I've noticed a change in the light and a few turning leaves. I love the changing seasons; it always feels like a fresh start, an invitation to observe and participate!


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