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Printable Calendar: May | Mai 2013

downloadable flowers calendar May 2013

May is like the cream inside Oreo cookies, the best part of the Spring season (at least in Washington, DC).  It's when more sunlight drapes our mood and everything becomes abloom - flowers and foliage and our own natures alike... I hope your May is a splendid one!

Here's a calendar to enjoy and/or share. Simply download (below), print and cut on the dotted line. I like to use plain card stock but any paper will work :)


  1. I so love and agree with that description of May! We still have gorgeous blooms, even as some soft leaves are coming out. These are so pretty, soft and perfect for the season!

  2. Oh, how pretty! I am downloading now. Merci! These beautiful calendars make my month, Catherine :)


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