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Printable Calendar: June | Juin 2013


à l'eau is French for "to the water" - with an exclamation mark, it becomes a resounding invitation to take to the ocean or the pool,... your bathtub even. So if you're enjoying warm weather where you are, as the official start of summer nears in many parts of the world, the June calendar enjoins you to take to the water: à l'eau!

Simply download the calendar by clicking on the link below, print and cut on the dotted line (there are two on one page). I like to use plain card stock but any paper will work. enjoy!


  1. So timely and it is surely feeling suddenly very high summer today! Whew! I wouldn't mind a dip in that deep beautiful blue (even if it's just my tub:)) Stay cool!

  2. That's adorable Catherine. If it ever stops raining, perhaps a dip in our pond is in order. :)

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