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(Re)Introducing Mâche | Lamb's Lettuce


Its story began humbly in the grain fields of Europe as a simple weed. Now Mâche (lamb's lettuce) enjoys prestige as one of the most versatile and delicately flavored lettuces, and the only vegetable in France to earn the label "Naturellement riche en Oméga 3" (naturally rich in omega-3). Mâche resembles watercress in form and baby greens in texture, but is unique in taste - slightly sweet and nutty and easy to eat. The dark green rosettes were first introduced to me by my mother-in-law about ten years ago, served simply with a dash of homemade balsamic vinaigrette. SO good. And to add to its burgeoning list of nutrients (including large doses of vitamin C, B vitamins and folic acid), mâche is extremely low in calories - making it the healthiest of all lettuces!

Though widely available in Europe and specialty/gourmet stores in the US, mâche hasn't become a staple in larger stateside groceries. One reason being that mâche grows very low to the ground, making it difficult (and expensive) to harvest mechanically.

French mâche producers are so giddy they've created a web presence for their gem of a salad, an animated Miss Mâche!

Have you tried mâche? Is it available where you are?


  1. Oh wow, I've never even heard of this, what a lovely, delicious-sounding vegetable! We definitely don't have it at our large supermarket, but I'm hopeful the word will spread (a la Miss Mache:)...maybe I'll see it at the farmer's market one day!

    1. I pick up my mâche at Trader Joes (or Whole Foods) Lulu, definitely try there if you have one nearby. Or hopefully you'll find it at your farmer's market,... bon appétit! :)

  2. Hello Catherine,

    I am a mâche lover and thank you for having finally unveiled its English translation to me - a lovely name it bears in English too! Mâche is a regular at home and is great with avocado, olive oil and sunflower seeds. Sometimes a sprinkle of sumac adds a bit of twist... Thank you as always for sharing!


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