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Double Entendre | Double Sens


Interestingly enough, the term double entendre has no real meaning to a French person; for them, double meaning is referred to as double sens. And the French are notorious for them! More often than not, any casual statement can be turned into a risqué innuendo. I have blushed my way through many Gallic gatherings (while even the children remain unphased). Double sens and tongue twisting word play are a staple in the French vernacular... laughing and playing along is one sure way to warm up to an otherwise cold French crowd.

The ad above for the daily French newspaper Aujourd'hui says: Les Francais aiment l'ouvrir or The French like to open it...


  1. Oh so interesting, I had no idea that double entendre did not mean anything to the French! But of course they would know the concept by heart:) The ad is hilarious!

    1. Right Lulu! I was so surprised the day my husband looked at me all perplexed (and offended really) when I said double entendre... the funny thing is I initially thought HE was wrong ;)

  2. in AS Pushkin is the word "self-respect, he made"
    Pushkin learned to speak French before in Russian and French, also wrote poems brilliant, brilliant in particular from the fact that it is, in general, children's poems. And his nickname in high school was a Frenchman, it's a given nobility and, in principle, the French-speaking environment.

    I think that's a French trait - shine, strength

    1. Valentina, my husband would love to hear all those complimentary thoughts about the French! Thank you for sharing some background on Pushkin, I didn't know that about him. Will definitely have to read some of his work...

  3. Alexandre POUCHKINE
    Mon portrait
    Vous me demandez mon portrait,
    Mais peint d’après nature ;
    Mon cher, il sera bientôt fait,
    Quoique en miniature.
    Je suis un jeune polisson,
    Encore dans les classes ;
    Point sot, je le dis sans façon
    Et sans fades grimaces
    Onñ il ne fut de babillard,
    Ni docteur en Sorbonne
    Plus ennuyeux et plus braillard,
    Que moi-même en personne.
    Ma taille à celles des plus longs
    Ne peut être égalée ;
    J’ai le teint frais, les cheveux blonds
    Et la tête bouclée.
    J’aime et le monde et son fracas,
    Je hais la solitude ;
    J’abhorre et noises, et débats,
    Et tant soit peu l’étude.
    Spectacles, bals me plaisent fort,
    Et d’après ma pensée.
    Je dirais ce que j’aime encore...
    Si n’étais au Lycée.
    Apres cela, mon cher ami,
    L’on peut me reconnaître:
    Oui ! tel que le bon Dieu me fit,
    Je veux toujours paraître.
    Vrai démon pour l’espièglerie,
    Vrai singe par sa mine,
    Beaucoup et trop d’étourderie
    Ma foi, voilà Pouchkine.

  4. I always love my French lessons from you, Catherine. I didn't know that "double entendre" didn't mean anything to the French either!


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