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Project 366: a Review


In a few days I will complete my photo-a-day Project 366,...and though looking back through it leaves me wistful, I'm relieved to mark the end (whew!) of a truly challenging photo-a-day challenge. The intrepid photographer often became a reluctant shooter. I admit I fell behind. many. times...

But at the end of the day (or year in this case), it is enormously satisfying to review your work of 365+ days, in visual detail, each 24-hour day curated into a single moment. This exercise is supposed to help us become better photographers - essentially teach us how to look at every thing and every moment more keenly, improve upon or simply find our photographic style, and very importantly come out of it a more thoughtful observer. all the while having fun. It's a tall order. I certainly need more than a 365/366 to accomplish all that!...

What I have learned is that my favorite photographs (by others as well as my own) are the ones that tell stories and that I've got miles to go before achieving that. So I'm thinking about my next photo project, something less demanding this time; a Project 52 sounds about right. Perhaps you'll join me?

To you friends who are undertaking a photo-a-day project of your own or bravely hosting a photo-a-day blog - I applaud you! I so enjoy looking through your posts, dreaming about what your days are like. Have fun + persist even when you feel like stopping!

There's a wonderful and relevant read when pursuing artistic endeavors (and for life in general) from Maria Popova's Brainpickings post: Advice on Design and Life: Graphic Designers Then and Now.


  1. Catherine, I am so eager to see your completed project! I tried a 366 Project last year, and although I posted a photo everyday to Tumblr, most of the pictures were photos that satisfied the requirements of online Photo-a-day challenges, but that were not actually taken on the day that I posted them. This year, I resolved to actually post a photo that I took each day and to try to reflect on them in my blog: 51 days and counting (! Some days are more beautiful and more eloquent than others (On January 28, I actually posted a picture of melting slush on the sidewalk)! You're right, it is hard! Sometimes, I feel inspired and creative, and sometimes it feels like homework. However, the project does make you acutely aware of the details that might otherwise be overlooked. Congratulations on your achievement!

    1. I just finished looking at your P366 on Flickr - so beautiful! I love all the angles, textures, and colors! I just downloaded your book on my iPad so I can spend the weekend studying your gorgeous photos! Bravo, Catherine!

    2. Oh Melinda, you make my heart sing, thank you so much for your kindness and support!! :)

      I also love your Jan 28th post, and especially how you described it. At first glance, I thought it was the sea! (and thought you took off to the ocean in January ;) Your P365 is going wonderfully, your photos transport and inspire me... I really am so impressed that you're doing a second consecutive year of this mighty challenge... chapeau! (truly)

      and again, un grand Merci! xo

  2. Good day! although we have night and outdoors 23:24 -16
    I look at the pictures and see you, as you have time with the children .. ?)

    I do not understand everything, but the photo shows your mood, it seems to me that sad
    never be depressed, children will grow up and will be easier, trust and self-care

    I love you

    1. Thank you for visiting Valentina! I do hope one can feel the photographer in the photos. It has been said the photo should be able to speak for itself, and so I must press on. It's challenging to convey emotion and beauty and personality in every shot... but it's exciting to work towards that :) This P366 also tells me I need to take more photos of my family, indeed!

  3. Catherine, your Flickr photos are beautiful! I do hope more of them make it here:) but I understand the challenge of taking a photo a day (and I even take weekends off!)... and with the dark days of winter/bad weather/overlong lunch meetings, I've now fallen into just a posting a photo a day as being enough. You are inspiring me to approach this with fresh eyes, and it is so true - one just has to keep on chugging. Thanks for a lovely post and reminder!

    1. I had you in mind (of course!) when I spoke of photo-a-day blogs Lulu. I love that you share your surroundings and its history on a (nearly) daily basis,... a challenge for sure! Thank you for inspiring ME :) xo


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