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Introducing Igor Marceau

Le Golf de Valbonne
Kon Tiki a Pampelonne
La Place des Arcades
Peche a la poutine au cros de Cagnes

Vibrant colors; bold, dramatic brushstrokes; impasto style and swirling skies ... remind you of anyone?  Yes, Van Gogh!... Well friends, these paintings are actually the work of Igor Marceau (pictured above), a living Frenchman who serendipitously fell into painting in 1994 after being bedridden from a skiing accident, as an outlet for his frustration and boredom. One day a well known contemporary artist "discovered" Igor's paintings hanging in a restaurant and insisted he continue to paint and share his talent.

Though many have remarked on the similarities to Van Gogh, Igor has admitted (based on his website's biography) that he is not influenced by any particular artist or style. The inspiration for his paintings come from his own being and his style is innately his own, combining colors that may not naturally go well together and creating in his paintings a light that comes from within...

It's been said we're all born with a creative bone or two, when and how it surfaces is unknown to us.

When I passed Igor's little atelier in the Provençal village of Valbonne, France last summer, I made an abrupt stop and am so happy I did...

Atelier Igor Marceau
7 rue Grande
06560 Valbonne, FR


  1. What a beautiful discovery! I love the brightness and boldness of his creations - and how lucky you were to have stopped by to see the man himself (even his studio walls and floors are bright/patterned:). Thank you for sharing this find.

    (Hope you make it out to Hawaii - such a different pace of life and place, yet no passport needed:)

    1. You're right Lulu, ... and even his sorbet colored outfit seemed to blend in with the paintings too! and yes, Hawaii is solidly set on my travel list, love all your postcard posts from there :)

  2. I needed to stop by for a Catherine fix. I hope you're having a good day!

    You're right, it is quite Van Gogh. So colorful! I love the La Place des Arcades painting. I'm a sucker for town art--oh, and food art;) xoxc

    1. Aww Charmaine, you're incredibly kind. We're having a fabulous (sunny 60+ degree) weekend in DC, so all the running around I have to do is made much sweeter, I hope your weekend is equally as productive and beautiful :)

  3. The colors are so vibrant! They flash before my eyes! The paintings remind me of Van Gough. You must have enjoyed your time looking at those beautiful paintings! It inspires me to paint pictures like that after looking at them!

    1. You know Alexa, now that you mention it, I realize you paint lots of shapes and swirls using vibrant colors too! I love looking at your wall of art and admire your work as much as I admire Igor's (and Van Gogh's for that matter ;)


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