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Gathering | à Table


à Table! is the French expression for calling family or guests to the table. It means the meal is ready to be served, and it's when the hungriest among us come running.

Whether it's an intimate meal for one or a feast for a tribe of many, today and on Thanksgiving day, may the gathering around your table be filled with simple joys and great tenderness...

I'll be back after the holiday... à bientôt!


  1. Love these images! Makes me excited for the upcoming feasts. Happy holidays, Catherine! Enjoy your time with family and friends :)

  2. Oh, it's really getting me into the holiday spirit! I love the idea behind the expression, very warming (and French:). Have a wonderful and safe break, full of family and meals!

  3. Thank you for the warm Thanksgiving wishes Charmaine and Lulu,... hope you both had a wonderful time with your family and friends :)


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