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La Maison: French shelter magazines

Maison Française Jul/Aug 2011. Photos by Bruno Comtesse
Art & Décoration, Oct 2012. Photo by Christophe Rouffio

This is the first post in a new series called La Maison, posts that I hope will tickle and inspire your palette for a French-inspired home. Through my French family and travels within France, I've been greatly influenced by the way the French decorate and live in their homes, and this space is to share with you observations, ideas and resources I've picked up along the way. Some of the most striking things I've noticed and love is how history (through personal artifacts and mementos) and nature (taking outside elements indoors) play a healthy role within the French home; how they upcycle and display old and worn materials; their creative and simple ways of using textiles and color; and their natural way of layering textures. It all makes for a warm inviting living space.

So today's resource are some of my favorite French shelter magazines, the ones I  read like good novels with worn and dogeared pages. Particularly inspiring are the Côté Maison and Maison & Déco publications (below). Regardless of the season or year, their content is swooning material that continues to inspire long after issue dates have passed...

The nice thing is if you can't get your hands on a print edition, many French shelter magazines are now  viewable online. Plus they include sections from their newsstand counterparts, sharing scrumptious recipes, regional trends and profiles. Here are my favorites:


  1. Fantastic idea, a warm welcome to the new series - I am sure your selection is going to keep me great company and in the meantime, I am going to visit the magazine site. Have you subscribed to any of these online (iPad...)?

    1. Why thank you Daydreamer! I hope you enjoy the La Maison posts and find them entertaining and useful in some way :) Like all things one loves (ie for you, your books ;), it just feels natural to share them and thank you for doing so! I've been collecting French shelter magazines for years and years (from bookstores in the US and travels in France) - and have subscribed to the print version of Maison Francaise (which I must admit was very disappointing because the publisher never got my issues to me on time. Sad.) I pick up what I can in the States when they're available, normally a month later than in FR. Haven't subscribed to the iPad versions though,... having that option is wonderful, but I'm addicted to touching the actual pages ;)

  2. I will definitely be perusing the online mags. Thanks for the tip, Catherine! What a gorgeous layout and inspiring series. I can't wait to see more!

    1. Thanks so much Charmaine! Seems we never tire of being inspired, really looking forward to continue sharing with you :)


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