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Summer | L'été


Arcachon, beach, plage, France

sand, shells

sand, beach, plage, France

beach, plage, France

In Southwest France's Atlantic Coast, summer is at once simple and sublime adorned with sunshine, sand, seashells. And the beaches are refreshingly intimate; they have smaller crowds and less commercialism than their southern sisters and stateside counterparts...


  1. beautiful photo ... sky, sea, sand and shells.
    I dream of the sea, now only foot bath with sea salt from the pharmacy. Thank you.

  2. I can almost smell the salt and sand while looking at those photos.

  3. Merci Valentina & Christine ... I'm dreaming of the ocean too, summer is just a few short weeks away!

  4. I love the beach!

    I'm going there this Sunday. I like the picture.
    The sky, ocean, sand, and shells are beautiful.


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