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Châtillon-Coligny & Old Friends

Chatillon-Coligny, shutters, France

Chatillon-Coligy, France

Chatillon-Coligny, painted door, France

To know a land somewhat, its special character, the qualities which make its individuality, 
the temperament and life of its people is a process of gradual absorption, 
of sympathetic perception - Paul Strand

A few steps away from the 11th century Église Saint-Pierre in the picturesque French village of Châtillon-Coligny in central France are crumbling cobblestone streets that, though quiet and fairly hidden, remain adorned with all the charm and history that characterizes France. Each wooden door and shuttered window stands dignified ready with a story to tell...

On my family's annual stop to Châtillon-Coligny (to visit my mother-in-law), I always return to this area. It's like coming to see old friends that upon your arrival, rise to greet you in the most humble and beautiful of ways...

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  1. nice .. lovely curtains hang in the homes, and flowers. brickwork is very natural, and rooftops can be seen for a long time and think .. Thank you for a pleasant journey


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