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Seashells from the French Atlantic Coast | Les Coquillages



Though I wouldn't call myself a collector, one of the things I can't resist picking up from my travels are seashells. They're natural reminders of fond memories.

The large shells on top are particularly special because they're the only ones not handpicked by the seashore. They're Bulots, or French snails bought for lunch from the local seafood market in the seaside town of Saint-Jean-de-Monts (in the southern Vendée département of the Loire region). During the meal, I marveled at their beautiful shape and size. Originally coated in a lichen green/black, I reboiled them twice and bleached them under the sun until they revealed their magnificent warm golden skin...

Isn't it wonderful how the sea provides such beautiful trinkets? Are you a collector and if so, I'd love to know what you collect...


  1. I don't like trinkets or clutter, so I rarely buy souvenirs when I travel. However, I always save seashells. They look so pretty in a bowl or a basket, or even alone on a shelf. If I'm on a beach without sand and shells, I look for heart-shaped stones.

    1. You must have a very neat living space Melinda, I admire that! I love your idea of looking for heart-shaped stones too. Last year, I brought back a small piece of driftwood that unfortunately had to be thrown out because as much as I cleaned it, it developed too much mold inside and broke in half. So sad.


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